Saturday, September 28, 2013

今更、自己紹介。Late self-introduction.



It's been a while since I started this blog, but it had been a while from last post, so I'm gonna introduce myself now.
My name is Yuka. I'm from Tokyo, Japan.
I like eating more than anything. Especially meat and sweets.
I wouldn't call myself an organized person. 

I've always  liked creating things. So that I went to high school which had Clothing design related classes. Though I got scared to make my way right into "Fashion World" after graduating high school, and decided to jump into the world of English. I practiced my ass off to be able to speak  in English, still didn't like "studying" it though. Learned mostly by making english speaking friends on internet. Somehow managed to get into  university and majored English and American Literature. It started with great success. I was good in classes, worked at clothing store part time, and traveled a lot between semesters, made a boyfriend, . Then it all went wrong at once. and I just didn't care anything anymore. So, it took me like 7 years to graduate. I know, it's longer than medical collage. haha Just cause I would not go to classes. One time my GPA was 0. It was pretty funny indeed. Needless to say I was extremely lucky to have family to support me financially.
Anyway, I finally graduated , but had no plan after, I just worked at seven eleven near my house. You know, chatting with old ladies who came to the store everyday. After a while I thought "ok, I need to get a full time job, i guess.".  So I applied to Clothing company which was looking for a visual merchandiser. I had an interview, and luckily I was hired right away.  So I worked there about a year and 8 month, it was fun and people there were great, but I knew it wasn't something I truly wanted to do. so I quit. and now I'm looking for a new job. 
Guess my life has always been random, without plans, but I like it that way. 

(I'm trying out bilingual style here, sorry if my English didn't make sense. haha )

and this is my face.

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