Monday, June 21, 2010

that tender blue.

I like this flower.
which sparkle only in rainy season.
the color of our planet.


mikapoka said...

It's a hydrangea, a common houseplant here in Italy and you're absolutely right: it's fabulous and blue as our endangered good old planet. I own a white one on my balcony. Have a nice time!

Y control said...

Oh thank you!! I was wondering how it called in English! White one....that really nice :) You have a nice time too mikapoka!

xxx Y

Lily said...

My dear that was the sweetest comment..thank you!

You have a lovely blog. The blue hydrangeas are beautiful. Such a romantic flower.


Y control said...

Thank you so much for checking my post Lily! I love your blog too. I really do!

xxx Y