Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My forever favorite movie director Soffia Coppola's new movie is coming soon.
I am so excited.
First time I saw her movie, I was only 13.
It was The Virgin Suicides .

(please pause the music on the left)

Since then it always has been my life theme movie.
The story by Jeffrey Eugenides was great.
I often wondered, how he could understand feelings of teenage girls so perfectly.
And the way Soffia took it was just so wonderful....
It made me cry so many times.
It saved me so many times.
It shot my heart so many times.
and it still works even now, with age 23.
Also the outfits in this movie was awesome.
Tender colors. Soft touch details.
PLUS great musics.
(I of course do love Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation too) is the trailer of her new movie Somewhere :)

P.S. Did you know she also directed Miss Dior commercial movie? I just found it out! (so late! haha)

The song ( Moi je joue) by Brigitte Bardot is so cute!

have a fantastic day, all!



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Hari said...

I love all that Sofia Coppola do ! She's a genius! I didn't know that she directed the Miss Dior commercial, thank you ! ;)