Monday, May 10, 2010

A CROW and I

As I sat and watched birds in the park in front of my university, I started to think.
Think about things...

One crow landed right in front of me. He just stood there for a minute or two.
Stepped few times, then he tilt his head.
I questioned in my head.
Does he wonder something?

Then there were more questions.
First of all, why did he landed here...not over there or anywhere else.
When he moves, does it have purpose? Not just to find foods, or female crow, when he looks at things, when he decides to back to sky, what is in his head?

What if he thinks about worms as I think about cakes?
What if he thinks about female crow as I think about my love?

THEN "What really is the difference between us?"
Okay, he is a bird. I am human.
But what does it mean?
Does it really matter?

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