Friday, May 28, 2010


Cropped T-shirt: DIY
Border skirt: Forever 21
Dots Socks: tutu anna
Beige sandals: haco
Dinosaur necklace: Handmade
Animal rings: George's

As I found this dinosaur at a toy store,
an amazing idea came up in my mind.

Let's make a necklace with it!

So many of my friends made fun of me about wearing a dinosaur,
but I love it.
And some people who are free for fashion and know fashion love it too :) haha
I am still thinking the name of her...any ideas?

I also made this top.
I just cut men's T-shirt,
and put bunch of vintage buttons on shoulders.

I think I'm gonna go clubbing with this outfit this weekend :)

Have a nice day, all!

love, yuka


Lily said...

Thank you for your lovely comment:)! You look gorgeous in these pictures my dear, love your high waisted stripped skirt.


Y control said...

Thank you so much for checking my blog Lily!! I love your blog :)
hehe I am so glad to hear that! xxx

libys11 said...

ooohhh the rings are incredible!!! i love your funky view on fashion!!! love this look! :D

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selim k├Âroglu said...

i like ur blog and follow ur blog hope u like my blog and follow

Y control said...

@libys11 Thank you so much! yea, I love to look fun!! I'll check your blog, honey! xxx

@selim Thank you so much for following ;) yes, of course I'll follow you back!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Yuka! Love what you did with the shirt! And wow! I didn't know that Daiso sells mini dinos.

Btw, I linked you at my blog. :)

Constance said...

I love the skirt!

Sheikah said...

Oneesan, I love it! Go to Le baron in this outfit?? :} teehee

Y control said...

Candy>> dear! Yes, Daiso sells them ;) ehehe OMG! you are the sweetest!! xxxxx

Constance>> Thank you beautiful!

My Imouto chan >> ehehe I went to the other club though. I dream to go to clubs with youuuu!!!