Wednesday, October 02, 2013


毎日これといって「しなくてはならないこと」が無くなって、はや一ヶ月。目覚ましを10時にかけたのに、二度寝して起きればもうお昼。近所で新築の家を建てている大工さん達の大声を何の気なしに聞いていたら、意識がぶっとんで、蜘蛛の糸ほどの関連性をたどって次へ次へとくだらないことを椅子の上でパンツ一丁で考え、マニュキュアを塗っては落としてその香りを楽しみ、お腹すいたなと時計を見ればもうすでに2時間が経過していて、なんのトリックだろうと思ったが、気にせず昨日の夕飯の材料の残りで昼食を作り、hulu.jpでアメリカの女調停人のドラマを見てビジネスウーマンに憧れ、仕事でも探すかって検索したけれど丸の内やら新宿やらの職場に恐れおののいて、ミルクティーとアルフォートクッキーに救われ、ちょっと落ち着こうと先日発見された12mの古代巨大蛇の化石についてインターネットを読みあさり、こだいきょだいへびって早口言葉みたいって三回口に出して言ってみた後で、こんな体では大蛇に勝てないぞ、とNIKEトレーニングクラブの動画でセクシー美女と筋トレをし、友達が一時間前に送ってきていたメールに気付き、絵文字がハンバーガーであった為に、頭がハンバーガー一色になり、買ってあったアボカド入れたら・・・アボカドバーガーやん!!!と、なぜか一瞬関西人になり、シャワーを浴びて化粧をして、今日はじめて服を着て、清い心持ちでマックへ。友達がプレステするのを眺めながら、ビッグマックにマヨネーズとマスタードと共にアボカドを投入し、肉と言う幸せを噛みしめ、私もゲームでもするかとやってみるも、5回もゾンビに殺されたので、家に帰った。暇だから、村上春樹のインタビュー集でも読むかって読んでいたらやけにお腹が空いてレトルトの中華丼をチンして食べるも、胃が抗議をしてゲロリンチョ。 乙女なのにゲロリンパ。アラサーのお腹弱りんちょ。寝るかいねと、ベッドにはいるが一時間で目が覚め、とうしても醤油バターラーメンが食べたくてベッドの上でジタジタしながら「しょうゆーばたーーーらーーーめん!!」とアクションヒーローの変身みたいに言ってみたけど、現れる訳もなくて、何してるんだ自分、と。むしろ今日1日何してたんだ自分、と考えてみれば今日もそれなりに愉快な日だったな、と。少し満足すら覚えた自分が末恐ろしい 。

Monday, September 30, 2013


ChanelがYoutubeで発信してる、inside chanelシリーズがとっても面白い。デザインや音楽も素敵!!

The INSIDE CHANEL series on youtube is really amazing. I love the black and white visual effects along with mysterious classical music.
There are chapter 1 to 9, hope you like them too!


just quick outfit post from my tumblr
I think I'm gonna try keeping gifs of outfits. 
just because. I kinda like gif. haha

Seahorse choker: goocy
Fox T shirt: Graniph
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Forever21

Sunday, September 29, 2013


あるブランドが、FACE BOOKのPOSTで「モデルのOOちゃんが、着用!」という文句とともに、
HOLY SHIT, マジでかわいい。細くて、華奢で、肌なんか陶器みたいで、スカートから出てる足はリカちゃん人形みたい。3回キックされたら骨折しちゃいそう。(別にキックしたいわけじゃない。したくないわけでもない。)正直言って、私が男だったらヤリたい。

This one brand had a facebook post saying "A fashion model ○○○ is wearing our dress!!". And there was a link to the model's instagram. I stupidly clicked it. yes.
Holy shit, she was pretty. Really skinny, fragile, girlishly (and ansian-ly lol) cute, flow-less skin, and legs like barbie doll. Her legs would break if i kick them 3 times. (not that i would kick them, i mean not that i "don't want to" kick though...)
She didn't look slutty like one of those good looking "I want attention and I show a lot of skin"people, or too skinny like someone anorexic. Well from healthy point of view, she is definitely too thin, but from beauty point of view, she looks beautiful. Fashionable, trendy, and sexy. 
I thought my heart was gonna burn out because I was so jealous. hahahaa


Anyway, one of the make-up she (I forgot her name, but she was a Korean model.) had was really pretty, so I tried it! It was so easy, just draw triangles with liquid eye-liner. It just looks like cat eye line when your eyes are opened (●’w’●)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

今更、自己紹介。Late self-introduction.



It's been a while since I started this blog, but it had been a while from last post, so I'm gonna introduce myself now.
My name is Yuka. I'm from Tokyo, Japan.
I like eating more than anything. Especially meat and sweets.
I wouldn't call myself an organized person. 

I've always  liked creating things. So that I went to high school which had Clothing design related classes. Though I got scared to make my way right into "Fashion World" after graduating high school, and decided to jump into the world of English. I practiced my ass off to be able to speak  in English, still didn't like "studying" it though. Learned mostly by making english speaking friends on internet. Somehow managed to get into  university and majored English and American Literature. It started with great success. I was good in classes, worked at clothing store part time, and traveled a lot between semesters, made a boyfriend, . Then it all went wrong at once. and I just didn't care anything anymore. So, it took me like 7 years to graduate. I know, it's longer than medical collage. haha Just cause I would not go to classes. One time my GPA was 0. It was pretty funny indeed. Needless to say I was extremely lucky to have family to support me financially.
Anyway, I finally graduated , but had no plan after, I just worked at seven eleven near my house. You know, chatting with old ladies who came to the store everyday. After a while I thought "ok, I need to get a full time job, i guess.".  So I applied to Clothing company which was looking for a visual merchandiser. I had an interview, and luckily I was hired right away.  So I worked there about a year and 8 month, it was fun and people there were great, but I knew it wasn't something I truly wanted to do. so I quit. and now I'm looking for a new job. 
Guess my life has always been random, without plans, but I like it that way. 

(I'm trying out bilingual style here, sorry if my English didn't make sense. haha )

and this is my face.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 03, 2012

painted pants . and DIY dino necklace.

quick quick post before the bed time! 

hope you all are having nice relaxed/exciting weekend!!